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RhinothemRhinotherm Ultra 3, is a novel medical device designed for the consumer market and can be used in every HOME,

 SCHOOL, OFFICE. And GREATRIC CARE for the treatment of Common Cold, Nasal congestion, Allergies, Sinusitis, and more. The unique device is a Natural alternative for using drugs to treat nasal congestion symptoms. The Rhinotherm Ultra 3 device is a new generation of a previous model which had been sold to clinicians around the world. Several years of development resulted in an improved technology and re-designed device suitable to the private consumer. The device is based on hyperthermia technology, operates on highly important principle of delivering 100% water-saturated pressurized air at a temperature around 43*C (110*F) directly to the nasal passages via a hand-held tube at a rate of approximately 28 liter per minute. Duration of treatment is only 20 to 25 minutes and, on average, offers the patient fast relief that can last up to several days even several week. When suffering from a cold or during allergy season, between two or three treatments per week are recommended for maximum relief.




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